Claudio Abbado

We publish some impressions of our japanese members about the recording of the 9 Beethoven Symphonies publshd by DG (Abbado conducts the Berlin Philharmonic)

"Abbado's Beethoven, How fresh and clear! How strong his "will to music"!
I have a feeling that Maestro's music has become purer and purer when I hear the CDs.
Abbado is a man who transforms himself always better, higher, deeper.
Our Noh master Zeami said: Our life has an end, but discipline for the Noh drama has no limit.
Abbado teaches me how truly beautiful, how noble, how severe the significance of this remark is.

Keiko Tagawa

Beethoven : The 9 Symphonies
Abbado, Berliner Philharmoniker, DG


Always the first time....

As to the Beethoven Symphonies, Japan was blessed because the DG Japan was
the first to release the set in the world. It was on sale on 30 September.
The DG Japan offered bonus to the set: a telephone card with Maestro's photo on it, the CDs are 'gold' CDs, and some fortunate will get an "Abbado" watch, specially made for the occasion. But I wanted to get the set made in EC, so I waited a month longer. Beautiful package, good photos including a closeup of Maestro's wonderful hands, which almost remind me of those of marvellous statue of Classical Greece.
Extremely interesting, inquiring interview, almost an revelation in itself.
I have slowly been journeying through, and still on the way. I selected a chronological order, as it were, and I have yet to enjoy Symphonies Nos. 7,8, 9.
Maestro's interpretations are so fantastic that I have quite a lot to think about.

Kimitoshi Sato