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The Chatline of Abbadians is now open !

The chatline of Abbadians is open to all music fans which want to meet or debate upon music and mostly upon the activity and works of Claudio Abbado. 

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The links of the page "Discography" are finished

News programs in Radio TV

Claudio Abbado's Portrait in the "Tagesspiegel" of Berlin

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Claudio Abbado offer to CAI his Conductor's stick

Tour in South America : first articles

Claudio Abbado in Brazil

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The season 2000-2001 of Claudio Abbado, with complete program of the concerts with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

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Boccanegra in Salzburg
(in Italian and German, in English as soon as possible)

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Wanderer's chronicle: click on Wanderer

TV News. click on TV

Berliner's Flutist solo Emmanuel Pahud : " I go! "click on Pahud (article in portuguese of "Publico")


A new japanese site for friends of Claudio Abbado, created by our member Shiho Tsujino : if you speak Japanese, click on Abbadian Site

60 members of CAI on 12th april for the dress rehearsal of Simon Boccanegra at the Salzburg Easter Festival, click on Events

Happy birthday Pierre!!

Pierre Boulez is 75, click on Boulez (in italian) or P.Boulez (in french)

New links, click on Links

Newsletter 22 and 23 in english, click on Newsletter 22 and Newsletter23

Article of Arbasino in english, click on page Arbasino in inglese

Abbado in Rome (in english), click on Rome

Abbado in Rome, comments (in french), click on French Wanderer





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Complete biography of Claudio Abbado (in Italian)
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Discography and videography of Claudio Abbado (Exclusive for CAI)
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The program of Claudio Abbado for the season 2000-2001
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Salzburg Easter Festival 2001 and 2002, click on logo

Claudio Abbado and Martha Argerich on rehearsals in Ferrara last February

Abbado in Rome in February 2001

Article and Luciano Berio's interview: click on page: Rome

Claudio Abbado and members of CAI (Ferrara, May 1999)


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The idea of a Club of "abbadiani" (Claudio Abbado's admirers ) is born in a bar in Pavia, near from Milan on 1982, when a group of admirers of Claudio Abbado, followed the maestro to hear one concert at Fraschini Theater.It's our first Music travel! a few kilometers (25 km, 14 miles), but a lot of enthusiasm and the same friendship!

We have now ten new japanese members

Newsletter 23 (in english)(March2000, 20th)
Newsletter 22 (in italian) (February 2000, 29th) Newsletter 21 (in english) (January 2000, 14th) Newsletter 20 (December 1999, 15th)
Newsletter 19 (November 1999, 14th)
Newsletter 18 (July 1999, 15th)
Newsletter 17 (June 1999, 20th)
Newsletter 16 (May 1999, 5th )
Special Newsletter for members of Milan (January 2000, 21th )

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Award "Athena Young and Culture" to Claudio Abbado

February in Ferrara: an "abbadian" month !

February was musically rich in Ferrara. The première of "Così fan tutte" ( 8 february) was a great success

In Italian, first commentaries, first articles and in french, Wanderer's chronicle

In english, first part of the important article of Piero Arbasino clic on Arbasino

Articles for the 12th February (Other cast (in Italian): see special and see concert of 16-17 , a straordinary evening!

Our pics

see page Album

See the cast on: Wanderer

A moment of "Così fan tutte" in Ferrara

 An original biography of Claudio Abbado especially for CAI ! (in italian now, but soon in english!)

clic Biography

Member sells Salzburg Tickets (Easter Festival, 14-17 april)

Parkett Row 10:

2.400.000 Lire (about 1200 Euro)

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New Year in Berlin: Newspapers (in Italian)
 Silvesterkonzert in Berlin:

see the Paul Griffiths's article (New York Arial)

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