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Claudio Abbado and Berliner Philharmonics in South America, Click on
South America

Concert of Claudio Abbado for the saison 2002-2003 Click on
Saison 2003

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Luzern Festival 2004

Galakonzert ( August 13th) 
Strauss, Four last songs (Renee Fleming)
Wagner, Tristan und Isolde, Act II (Violeta Urmana, Ben Heppner)
LFO, Claudio Abbado

Kammerkonzert (August 15th),
Schoenberg, Kammersinfonie Nr.1
Strauss, Das Lied von der Erde (Schoenberg Version) (Larsson, Silvasti)
MCO, Daniel Harding

Sinfoniekonzert ( August 18th & 19th)
Beethoven, Piano concerto N. 4 (Maurizio Pollini)
Mahler, Symphony N.5
LFO, Claudio Abbado

Kammerkonzert ( August 23th)
Hindemith, P.: Kammermusik Nr. 4, Nr. 5 & Finale
1921 aus Kammermusik Nr. 1 op. 24 (1922) für 12 Solospieler
Beethoven: Symphonie Nr. 1.
LFO, Claudio Abbado


Così fan Tutte in Ferrara ( February 17-19th), Modena (February 23-25th), Reggio Emilia (March 2-4th), Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Claudio Abbado conductor


April 2nd, Bolzano Palasport: 

Gustav Mahler, Lied von der Erde (Last part: Abschied),
Anna Larsson, Mezzosoprano
Gustav Mahler, Symphony n°9

Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester
Claudio Abbado, conductor

Easter Tour of GMJO: Budapest (April 4th), Bratislava (April 6th), St. Petersburg (April 8th),

Reggio Emilia (April 10th), Trieste (April 12th), Rome (April 14th)
(three last concerts with only Mahler Symphony n.9 )

A new editorial on our site: see Edito

October 2003: Claudio Abbado Doctor Honoris Causa of the Potenza University (Basilicata) will conduct there one concert (12 October) with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and one concert in Ferrara (9 October 2003)

2005 in Reggio Emilia: Claudio Abbado will conduct "The Magic Flute" (Stage Director: Daniele Abbado).

Claudio Abbado will conduct the Berlin Philharmonic in Berlin on 3rd, 4th, 5th June 2004 (Frank Martin, Mahler VI)

The program of Lucerne Festival is published: Opening on August 14 2003 Claudio Abbado conducts Lucerne Festival Orchestra (Debussy, Wagner)

Other concerts: Bach - Brandeburgher Concerts, Mahler - II°Symphony (Claudio Abbado)

Mozart - Idomeneo (Berliner Philharmoniker, Sir Simon Rattle)

To read: The Wanderer in pursuit of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. 

Award 'Una Vita per la Musica'

Claudio Abbado has been awarded the "Una Vita per la Musica"(A Life for Music) prize, which is granted by a committee composed of a hundred European critics chaired by Bruno Tosi. This, Italy's most prestigious prize, has already been bestowed on such performers as Arthur Rubinstein, Maurizio Pollini, Mstislav Rostropovitch, Andrès Segovia, Karl Böhm, Carlo Maria Giulini, Yehudi Menuhin and Leonard Bernstein.

"The invitation comes from a town I have always loved and that I admire", Claudio Abbado wrote to Bruno Tosi, “not only because of its enchanting beauty but also because of its cultural activities and because of various emotional relationships which per luck have come my way. Like the relationship to Luigi Nono, composer and brotherly friend. (...)

For years now I have been accepting with pleasure prizes offered me. As it is my wish that these may encourage talented musicians and be transformed into grants for the young. With some friends and colleagues I have for a long time now been pursuing the idea of creating in our country music schools for young orchestra players at European level, like the ones in Bolzano and Ferrara. The aim is to establish a school in every region of Italy and it would be important if a town like Venice could give birth to an institution where making music together like in the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester is taught."

Salzburg Easter Festival: English Newspapers

Hans Tschammer will sing Gurnemanz in Parsifal (Salzburg Easter Festival)

February 2002: Concerts in Berlin.

The Beethoven-Mendelssohn program was successfull, see critics (in German) or Wanderer (in italian)

January 2002: The "Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker" (Berliner Philharmoniker Foundation) is born. The private foundation replace the two old institutions:

1- "Berliner Philharminisches Orchester" was a culture institution of the City of Berlin,

2- The society "Berliner Philharmoniker" who guaranteed the royalties of musicians for records, media ...

The orchestra's name is now only one: BERLINER PHILHARMONIKER.

Dec.2001: Parsifal straordinary success in Berlin, see german critics (in german) and Wanderer chronicle (in french)

Oct.2001: Book review. a new biography published in Germany

Octo.2001: Abbado's Tour in USA

Claudio Abbado's tour 2001 in Italy: the impression of the young bosnian girl Milijana, and the relation of our Wanderer

Last Abbado's bomb:the foundation of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra
german /in french / in italian

A great text of Alessandro Baricco:in Italian or in french

Abbado's last evening in Vienna: incredible success

Financial Times: a very important article upon Beethoven in Rome

- All abbadians were in Berlin on 27th January, (or on TV ) to see the Verdi Requiem, the best one! A report from our Wanderer (in Italian or in french)
- The
biography of Claudio Abbado is now translated.
- Our member Kimitoshi Sato write us
after the last performance of Tristan in Tokyo
- First impressions after the first concert of Berlin Philharmonic and Abbado in Japan: straordinary! 
Two hours after the end of Tristan und Isolde in Tokyo, we know that it was a great success, the greatest of the year, and we publish the first impressions of our japanese members.

- Good News from Japan: we can say you a secret: the dress rehearsal of Tristan und Isolde is gone very well and without problems! Maestro Abbado's health is good, even if he must be prudent in the quotidian life . Its the reason of cancellation of the opening to the japanese public of the dress rehearsal , who was in project before the departure from Berlin, and effectively cancelled a few days before. "in bocca al lupo" for the premiere (as the italians say..)

Do you have heard the las recording of the Beethoven Symphonies (Berliner, Abbado): IT IS A MIRACLE ! As soon as possible we shall publish an article on this future legendary recording! Read some wonderful words of our japanese members

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A commission of 50 musical criticles, invited by the german musical magazine OPERNWELT, has choosen
Claudio Abbado as "Conductor of the year 2000". Wonderful gift for Claudio in the moment in which he is just beginning his activity after his convalescence. But, as we have writen to him: he is for us each year (from much years) the conductor of the year ! And that news is for all the CAI a wonderful news !

The text of our telegram

17200 visitors of our site from December  1999!

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Faust french / in italian: Faust Italian)
- Presentation of the
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- Programs
Radio TV updated on end July
- Four new chronicles of the Wanderer who travel very very much (
AixOrangeSalzburgEXPO2000 Hannover)
- MCO (Mahler Chamber Orchestra) News
- Other cultural news (Nono, Eurobottega):
- Our
Dossiers, for which want to read all our publications of the year.

The Newsletter 24 is on line (in italian )

Last News

The text of our telegram to Claudio Abbado

"Conductor of the year 2000"choosen by a commission of musical criticles ! For us you are from much years the conductor of the year, and we are sure that you'll be it for a lot of years in the future! We wish you for the concert of tomorrow to find plenty of musical joice . LOVE from all abbadians !


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Interesting portrait of Claudio Abbado in "Tagesspiegel"  Berlin Newspaper : available in Italian, french and soon as possible in english.

The Wanderer was in Aix (The Makropoulos Case) , Orange (Les Contes d' Hoffmann), EXPO2000 Hannover (Concert Weltenwandern) and Salzburg (Les Troyens)

Update in english as soon as possible
On 11th May, in Berlin Claudio Abbado has given us his conductor's stick with dedication

Complete program of Salzburg Easter Festival, Click on Easter Festival 2001

New letters

Biography and discography
of Claudio Abbado

Internal links of Discography are now complete .

Exceptionnal Simon Boccanegra in Salzburg

Click on Boccanegra e Wanderer 3

The chronicle of Wanderer (in french), click on Wanderer